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What You Need To Do For Passing A Hair Drug Test


By utilizing a drug cleansing kit, plenty of people are passing a hair follicle drug test. Testing hair follicles are one of the few common tests for recent drug use, along with urine and saliva, which is often used by employers. Drug testing companies intentionally try to misdirect you by saying hair follicle drug testing is bulletproof, but it’s not. The hair follicle can be altered.

Studies have proven that passing a hair follicle drug test can be accomplished by washing the hair with certain chemicals. Plenty of online reviews recommend test clear, and many sites will offer a test clear coupon code to help reduce the cost. The main advantage of these test clear products is that it can help disrupt the gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, which is the technique used to analyze hair follicle samples.

How Testing Works

Laboratories test hair follicles to reveal the presence of drug metabolites. These metabolites are drug residue or the chemicals left behind once the drugs have passed through the bloodstream. These metabolites end up in the hair shaft and can remain present for up to 90 days, thus the main reason labs analyze hair samples. However, the detection really depends on varying factors, like drug use, the frequency of use, drug purity, and sensitivity of the analytical testing method.

Hair growth is a cyclical process called a hair cycle, and each hair has its own follicle. The lab will take a sample or lock of hair, about 50 to 75 strands, which equals about the size of a pencil, and must be about 1.5 inches long. Longer hair provides a wider detection window. For example, a strand of hair that is 6 inches long could potentially reveal drug use for a whole year. But the common window you’ll be tested for is 90 days, only 1.5 inches are cut.

If a hair sample is not possible due to near baldness, there are some other areas in the body from which the hair can be collected, like the beard, but pubic hair cannot be used. If no hair is available from anywhere on the body, other evidence, such as a urine test is usually the replacement.

Is Hair Follicle Testing That Reliable?

As with many methods of drug testing, testing hair follicles can produce false positives due to chemical and environmental contamination. You should also know that the drug test can be biased against certain minority or ethnic groups and people with certain hair types or particular colors, because of high melanin concentrations in the hair.

What Drugs Can be Detected?

There is a wide list of drugs that can be detected in hair follicle samples, but this still does not mean you should worry about passing a hair follicle drug test. Cannabis, cocaine, methamphetamine, and opioids are typically tested by hair follicle samples because the drug residue remains in the follicle. Moreover, every drug has unique molecules that are found in tests to identify someone as a user of a specific drug.

Why Are Hair Follicles Important?

The hair follicle is the part of the skin that supports growth hair. Within the follicles are sebaceous glands, for the production of sebum that lubricates the hair surface and are distributed throughout the surface of the skin except for the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, etc. The thicker the hair, the more sebaceous glands are found. Drugs flow from the bloodstream, through the sebaceous glands, and into the follicle.

So, metabolites bind to the hair shaft and everyday commercial shampoo will not remove this residue. The only other option is using a particular type of shampoo that can detox the hair shaft. These shampoos destroy the drug residue or metabolites left behind with an acid-base, without damaging the follicle or hair strands. It’s also a good idea to purchase the shampoo and a test kit to analyze the hair for any traces, just to be sure. Of course, this can put a dent in your pockets so most people search online for a test clear coupon code to defray some of the cost.

Whatever laboratory used for hair follicle testing will not know you have used a detox shampoo. They don’t test to see if you’re trying to fool their analysis because they only look for a pass or fail on the hair follicle test.